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about me
(photographer edition)

Thanks for stopping by!  As an actor, I've done some work in New York theatre, television, and commercials.  As a photographer, I'm excited to work with you!  

Working in front of a camera freaks (almost) everyone out.  And being in front of a camera in a relatively high-stakes environment (you're paying for a session, you need specific photos, your career! your dreams! seeing your own face -- do i really look like that! panic attack!) can feel like a lot. 


(I'm very familiar with the feeling.)

During our session, I'll invite you to breathe, relax, and maybe even do some stupid dance moves.  Your time in front of the lens should be joyful -- and it's my job to capture you at your most comfortable and empowered.  

Before the session, I welcome you to send along any questions, concerns, and inspiration you have.  We'll build our time around whatever excites you most.


My goal as your photographer is to meet you where you are, celebrate your unique self, and capture the strength within you.  Get ready for a session full of play!  My favorite photos come when clients are at ease, confident, and present -- and I can't wait to create and capture those moments with you.

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